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Commercial / Organization Parking Certificate

  • Valid for 3 years 

  •  No limit to the number of certificates an organization can request

  • Fee: $5 per certificate

  • Applications are usually made by organizations that have a frequent business need to transport numerous disabled clients such as:

    • public or private social service agencies

    • care centers

    •  nursing homes

  • Foster parents with a disabled child may apply by submitting a letter from their employer (usually the county) along with the application.

  • Certificates cannot be issued to taxi or limousine services, as their disabled patrons should have their own personal certificate.

Initial Application

  1. Applications must be made on an organization's letterhead stationery attesting to what services are provided (e.g. transporting disabled veterans, mentally disabled children, etc.) and how may vehicles they require the certificate for. Only one statement is required, regardless of the number of certificates being requested.

  2. The agency must certify that the commercial certificate will be used solely for the benefit of a physically disabled person as defined in M.S. 169.345.

  3.  The letterhead statement must:

    •  Identify all vehicles for which the certificate will be used

    •  State what internal controls the organization has for managing/accounting for certificates

    •  State that the organization will immediately notify the department in the case of lost or stolen certificates

    • State that the organization will contact the department immediately of any abuse or suspected abuse of certificates issued to the organization.

    • State that the organization is aware that failure to abide by the above listed requirements may result in the revocation of all certificates issues.

  4.  A $5 fee is required for each certificate requested. Customers with questions about commercial disability parking certificates may call (651) 297-3377.

  5. DO NOT issue a 30-day temporary disability permit since DVS must review the request to determine the eligibility of the organization.


Replacement Certificate Procedure

  1. Have the applicant complete a disability parking certificate application (PS2005) indicating full name, date of birth, driver's license number, address, and if possible the original certificate number.

  2.  Have the applicant state the reason for the replacement (lost, stolen, misplaced, damaged, etc.)

  3. There is a $5 application fee

  4.  A 30-temporary parking certificate may be issued.