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30 Day Temp

A 30-day temporary disability parking permit (PS2021) may be issued to someone awaiting disability plates or a disability parking certificate (hangtag). DO NOT ISSUE a permit unless the application for disability plates or parking certificate is completed in full.

NOTE: A 30-day temporary permit cannot be issued on initial applications for a organization(s) disability certificates. They can be issued when renewing a organization certificate.

  1. Complete the PS2021

  2.  Record the temporary certificate number

    •  the first three digits are the deputy number (Deputy #1 would be 001)

    •  the next three digits are the Julian date

    •  the fourth digit is the last digit of the current year (2002 is 2, 2003 is 3, etc.)

    •  the last two digits are the sequential numbers of the applications accepted in your office on that day.

  3. Validate the temporary permit in the designated area with your deputy paid stamp

  4.  Inform the applicant that the temporary certificate may not be recognized by a foreign state.