Disability Parking Permit

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Disability Parking Permit

  • Disability parking certificates are issued to individuals (drivers or non-drivers), and to institutions that transport persons who have disabilities (See Commercial/Organization Certificates).
  • Certificates may be used in any vehicle transporting a person with a disability
  • Two parking certificates may be issued to a disabled individual, provided they do not have disability license plates. If customer has disability license plates, only one parking permit may be issued.

Types of Certificates:

  • Temporary - duration: 1-6 months FEE: $5 each
  • Short-Term - duration: 7-12 months FEE: $5 each
  •  Long Term - duration: 13-71 months FEE: None
  • 6-Year Certificate - duration: 6 years FEE: None
  •  Commercial - duration: 3 years FEE: $5