Disability Parking Permit

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Initial Application

Application Procedures

Initial Application

  1. Have applicant complete the required sections of the Application for Special Plates (PS2010). There are detailed instructions on the application

    • The application must be signed by the individual meeting the medical criteria or by the parent or guardian of a presently disabled minor.

    • The application must be signed by a physician, physician's assistant, advanced practice registered nurse or chiropractor, or the applicant must provide a permanent disability parking certificate number

    • If the vehicle is a one-ton pickup, note "One-Ton" in red at the top of the application

  2. Collect the Special Plate Fee. Registration must be current. If not, collect registration tax but do not issue registration stickers - instead a 60-day special plate permit may be issued.
    If collecting registration tax, be sure to collect any contribution fee that may be due for Critical Habitat, Golf, Parks and Trails, or Collegiate plates. Initial applications for Proud to be a Veteran plates also have a one-time contribution fee.

  3. A 30-Day temporary Disability Parking permit may be issued.

Application for Replacement

  1. Complete an Application for Special Plates (PS2010), mark the "Replacement" and "disability" check boxes. (Detailed instructions are included on the PS2010)

  2. Collect the appropriate plate fee

  3. Registration must be current. If registration has expired or is soon to expire collect registration tax as well.

  4. Plates Lost or Stolen Damaged or Worn: If you collect registration tax, do not issue registration stickers. Instead, issue a 60-day special plate permit for the owner to display until the department mails their plates to them.