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Transfer of Disability Plate

For the vehicle from which the disability plates are being removed:

  •  Have applicant complete an Application for Duplicate Plates (PS2067)

  •  Issue replacement plates with the same month and year expiration displayed on the special plates that are being removed. Effective January 1, 2007, a $6.00 fee is due.

  •  Note: DO NOT issue replacement plates if the vehicle registration is expired and the owner does not wish to renew.

For the vehicle the disability plates are being transferred to:

  • Have the applicant complete an Application for special Plates (PS2010)

  •  Registration must be current. If not, collect registration tax and if applicable, a contribution fee for Critical Habitat or Collegiate plates.

  • Issue new month and year stickers for the special plates that match the vehicle's assigned registration expiration

    • New to Fleet (foreign state Title or MCO) Record the special plate on the PS2000 and issue appropriate registration stickers. DO NOT issue regular plates to the vehicle.

Plate Retained by Surviving Spouse

The surviving spouse of a disabled person may elect to retain the disability plate of the deceased if they are also permanently disabled. An application for Special Plates (PS2010) must be completed in full. Make a notation that the spouse wished to retain the existing plates instead of applying for a new set. No plate or transfer fee is due.