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What You Need to Know

  1. Application -  The person applying for the refund must complete section A of the Claim for Motor Vehicle Refund (PS25111)  unless otherwise specified.

  2. Filing Fee -  A filing fee cannot be charged for a refund claim.  Reference: Minn.Stat. § 168.33(7)

  3. Refund Release -  When the refund applicant is not the person who paid the tax, the person who paid the tax must sign a statement authorizing payment of the refund to the applicant.  This statement must be submitted with the refund claim.

  4. Time Limit -  A refund due to the cancellation of a vehicle sale must be filed within 90 days of the original date of sale.  All other claims for refund must be filed within three and a half years from the date of payment of taxes.  Reference: Minn. Stat. § 168A.101 and Minn. Stat. § 289A.40

  5. The following fees are not refundable:

  • Duplicate plate and/ or sticker fees.

  • Filing fee.

  • Registraton tax for a worn out, stolen, vandalized, donated, or repossessed vehicle.

  • Registration tax for a vehicle that is removed from the state.   

  • Registration tax, when the sale of the vehicle has been cancelled.

  • Registration tax, when the vehicle owner elects to covert registration to one of the collector classes

  • Registration tax that is unused.  The non-use refund was essentially eliminated in 2005.  Currently, the vehicle owner must surrender the registration stickers before the beginning registration period to be eligible for a refund.  For example: in order to refund registration that expires on June 30, 2007, the owner must apply for a refund and surrender the registration stickers before July 1, 2006.  Reference: Minn. Stat. § 168.15, 168.16, and 168.31