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Double Registration

A registration tax refund may be issued when the vehicle registration is purchased twice for the same registration period.

  1. Applicant must complete and sign section A of the Claim for Motor Vehicle Refund (PS2511).
  2. Applicant must mark the appropriate box in section B of the PS2511 and enter the license plate and registration sticker number that s/he is returning. If the plate or sticker cannot be returned, the applicant must provide a written explanation in section D.
  3. Deputy registrar must complete section E of the PS2511, indicating whether the plates and/or stickers have been returned. If the stickers are returned, stick them to the front of the application form. A returned sticker form (PS2842) is not required.
  4. Submit proof of payment for both sets of plates/stickers such as a cancelled check, valid registration card, receipt. If proof of payment is not possible, both sticker numbers must be provided with an explanation.