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Cancellation of Sale

‚ÄčAn application for refund of title fees and sales tax due to the cancellation of a motor vehicle sale must be submitted within 90 days of the original date of sale.


Reference: Minnesota Statutes, 168A.101

  1. Applicant must complete and sign section A of the Claim for Motor Vehicle Refund (PS2511).

  2. Applicant must provide a written explanation in section D of the PS2511.

  3. Applicant must submit the title documents necessary to correct the ownership of the vehicle:

    • Affidavit to Correct the Ownership Record of a Motor Vehicle (PS2025)

    • Minnesota title with correct ownership information - if a title has not been issued, completed PS2000 must be submitted within the 90-day time limit

    • If the incorrect buyer listed a lien holder, a notarized lien release is required

  4. Deputy registrar should collect filing fee and title correction fee. Additional transfer fees may also be due if the vehicle is being transferred to another owner.