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Credit for Tax Paid to Another State

Reference: Minnesota Statutes, 297B.08

Applicant was eligible for a sales tax credit for tax paid in another jurisdiction, but did not receive credit at the time s/he applied for a Minnesota title.

Credit is given for sales tax paid to another state - including city or county sales taxes that were assessed in that state.

  1. Applicant must complete and sign section A of the Claim for Motor Vehicle Refund (PS2511).

  2. Applicant must check the appropriate box in section C of the PS2511 and enter the amount of sales tax paid to the other state. To receive credit, the applicant must submit an original or carbon copy of the dealer invoice that shows the amount of tax collected, is marked paid, and is signed by the foreign state dealer.

  3. Applicant must provide a written explanation in section D of the PS2511.