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Back-in-Again (Previously Removed from State)


The following procedure applies to vehicles that were registered in Minnesota, removed from Minnesota, and are returning to Minnesota.

If the vehicle record shows current Minnesota plates/registration:

  1. Write the plate and registration sticker number on the PS2000 (or title transfer). Note "Back-in" on the front of the PS2000.
  2. If the vehicle still displays the Minnesota license plates, you do not need to issue new plates. However, if the Minnesota plates were lost or destroyed, you must issue new plates and stickers to reflect the expiration on record. Collect a duplicate plate fee.

If the vehicle record shows that the Minnesota plate/registration has expired or there is no record of vehicle:

  1. Process as new-to-fleet. Registration period is based on the date the vehicle returned to Minnesota. Collect registration tax plus plate fee.
  2. The foreign state registration card MUST be surrendered to exempt the vehicle from registration tax for the period it was operated in the foreign state.
  3. The 60-day grace period may be granted to an individual who was a resident of another state and whose vehicle has current foreign state plates