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Conversions / Change of Class


Reference: M.S. 168.013, Subd. 12

A conversion changes the registration class of a currently registered vehicle. This information DOES NOT apply to a change of registration class done at the time of renewal.

To determine if the conversion is to a lower or higher registration class, check the annual registration tax amount.

  • If the new registration class has a higher annual tax amount than the current class, it is a conversion to a higher class

  • If the new registration class has a lower annual tax amount than the current class, it is a conversion to a lower class

Once a vehicle is registered for a full year, quarterly registration is not an option, unless there is a transfer of ownership. If a vehicle is "reconstructed" from a truck-tractor into a truck, it is not a conversion unless the registration class is being changed.  




Change of Class

This is a change from one registration class to another at the time of renewal.

If there is no substantial tax difference between the old and new classes, the new class plates may be issued between January 15 and February 28 without collecting the additional tax.

However, if the difference for the balance of the current year is $5.00 or more determine the amount of tax due and add it as arrears tax.

  • Complete form PS2000. DO NOT use renewal notice.

  • Collect the proper tax for new registration period.

  • Issue proper license plates and stickers; including weight stickers if appropriate, for the new class.

  • If registered gross weight is over 73,280 lbs. gross weight, list axle information.

  • Note the USDOT number and/or HVUT if required.