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Perm. Reg Trailer to CT Trailer

Conversion -

A/B (Perm. Registration) Trailer Class to CT Trailer Class


Registration tax for a permanently registered trailer (3,000 pounds GVW) cannot be applied if the registered weight is increased to the CT class. The permanent registration is valid for the life of the trailer only if it remains at 3,000 pounds GVW.

Procedure – To increase the registered weight to 4,500 pounds or more:

  1. A PS2000 form must be completed, as the trailer is now required to be titled.

  2. Collect the appropriate title fees and the registration tax for the CT class, prorated from the month of application.

  3. Issue new plates, validation and weight stickers to correspond to the new class and weight.

  4. If a permanently registered trailer is changed to the CT class and registered at 6,000 pounds or more, a Declaration of Reconstruction/Special Assembly form is required. is required.

  5. Instruct the customer to destroy their permanent registration sticker.

Conversion –

CT Trailer Class to A/B (Perm. Registration) Trailer Class

If a CT trailer's registered weight is reduced to 3,000 pounds:

  1. The applicant completes a PS2000 form.
  2. Collect the permanent registration tax.
  3. Issue a permanent registration sticker.
  4. If a CT class trailer that is registered at 6,000 pounds or more is changed to permanent registration, a Declaration of Reconstruction/Special Assembly form is required.

If a trailer was registered in the permanent registration class prior to changing to the CT class, additional registration tax is not due. Collect a duplicate plate fee and filing fee.

Note: if the trailer has been sold, the new owner may receive credit for the permanent registration.