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High-Low (Low-High)

A high-low application is a registration renewal for a gross weight vehicle that was not in use for a portion of the registration period.


  • Registration tax for the unused months must be based on 1¼ times the vehicle's empty weight.
  • Enter the weight information in the Change of Gross Weight Calculator. Print the data page with tax calculations and attach it to the renewal notice. The registration tax is listed on data page under "Total Tax—High/Low."
  • On the renewal notice, correct the tax amount and the registered weight.
  • Record the USDOT number, if required, on the renewal notice.
  • If the vehicle is registered over 55,000 pounds, the applicant must show proof of HVUT (Heavy Vehicle Use Tax). Make a notation that proof of HVUT was viewed.
  • If the vehicle is registered over 73,280 pounds, have the applicant sign and note the number of axles (5 or 6) next to his/her signature.
  • Validate the renewal notice and provide a copy to the applicant. Be sure that the applicant's copy reflects the correct tax amount and registered weight.