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Reduced Gross Weight


Reference: M.S. 168.013, subd. 12

A reduced gross weight application is one submitted after the vehicle registration is renewed for the current registration period. This information does not apply to weight changes done at the time of renewal. 

What you need to know

  • Minimum gross weight allowed for a vehicle is 1 1/4 times the vehicle's empty weight

  • There is no limit to how many times an owner may reduce the gross weight of their vehicle during a registration year

  • Only one refund is allowed each year due to reduced gross weight or conversion to lower class

  • The refund amount is prorated monthly, beginning with the first day of the month after the owner applies to change the registration

  • Do not quote a refund amount to the owner. The refund, if any, will be computed by the department and mailed to the owner. 


  1. Verify current gross weight by checking the vehicle record.

  2. Enter the weight change information in the Change of Gross Weight Calculator on ESupport . Once the "Decrease Gross Weight Data" page is displayed, print a copy and attach it to the completed PS2000 form.

  3. Applicant and deputy must complete a PS2000 form:

    • Section A - complete in full, including the empty weight. If registered over 73,280 GVW or higher, complete the axle information.

    • Section D - indicate the date and exact time of the weight change, the date the change expires, and the current and new weight.

    • The applicant must sign the application

    • Indicate "RGW" in the upper right corner of the application.

  4. Collect Reduced Gross Weight fee (if the customer is receiving a refund) and filing fee.

  5. Issue a weight sticker for the lower gross weight, even if the applicant states the vehicle will not be used. Please inform applicant that the new weight sticker must be placed on the vehicle's license place immediately, or they risk a registration violation and fine should they be stopped by law enforcement.

  6. Validate all copies of the PS2000. The applicant's validated copy serves as a temporary cab card.