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Disabled Veteran

Reference: Minn. Stat. § 168.031

A disabled veteran who receives funds from the Veteran's Administration (VA) to apply to the purchase of a motor vehicle is entitled to receive registration plates without cost. This applies even when the grant is only for adaptive equipment. The purchase is also exempt from sales tax (exemption code 6).

On the top line of the Application for Title/Registration (PS2000) the deputy registrar should indicate "Disabled Veteran" and issue regular registration plates and stickers.

  • The veteran must supply one of the following: 

                  VA Form 21-4502 (all three sections must be completed)

                  VA Form 10-1394 (four sections must be completed)

                  A letter from the VA that identifies the vehicles (year, make, VIN) and indicates the funds were

                  granted for the purchase of the vehicle

  • Transaction is exempt from sales tax, registration tax, and license plate fees. All other transfer fees are due.

  • When the vehicle is sold, registration is due from the date of sale.