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Exemption for Active Duty Military Personnel

Reference: Minn. Stat. § 168.031

All motor vehicles (as defined in Minn. Stat. 168.002 ) registered in Minnesota to any person in active military service, located/based outside Minnesota, is exempt from registration tax while in active service and for 90 days after completion of active service. All other associated fees still apply (replacement plate fee, contributions, tech surcharge, filing fee).


  • Active Duty personnel must be vehicle owner or co-owner

  • Vehicle must be located or based out-of-state or overseas

  • Cannot be operated on a public highway within the state unless on furlough or leave

  • Provide a copy of military orders or letterhead from base commander, identifying dates of active duty


  • Issue appropriate year sticker

  • Correct registration tax to $0.00 if not already corrected on pre-bill

  • Attach copy of proof of military service

  • Collect all additional surcharges and fees

  • Change "kept county" if applicable

  • Enter offline