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Recreational Vehicles

Reference: Minnesota Statutes 168.002 Subd. 27

Registration Period: March 1 through February 28 (29 in leap years) of the following year.

What you need to know

  • By statute, "Recreational Vehicle" means travel trailers including those that telescope or fold down, chassis-mounted campers, motor homes, tent trailers, and converted buses that provide temporary human living quarters.
  • A recreational vehicle is one that
    • is not used as the residence of the owner or occupant;
    • is used while engaged in recreational or vacation activities; and
    • is either self-propelled or towed on the highways incidental to the recreational or vacation activities.
  • All recreational trailers, regardless of weight, must be titled.
  • A motor vehicle with a slip-in camper or other removable equipment that is mounted into or on a motor vehicle is not a recreational vehicle and cannot be registered as a recreational vehicle. One-ton pickups are registered in the truck class. The only time that a pickup truck with a slip-in camper could be registered as a recreational vehicle would be if the pickup box had been removed and the camper permanently mounted on the vehicle's frame.
  • Dimensions - may not exceed outside width of 102 " (8.5 feet) or a length of 45 feet (Reference: 169.80 and 168.002)

Initial Registration

  • Determine tax using the Tax Manual based upon vehicle gross weight. (Minimum gross weight allowed is 1.25 times the vehicle empty weight.) If registration period is less than 12 months, use increment section located at the back of the Tax Manual to prorate annual tax.
    • New vehicles - Calculate tax from date of sale to the end of registration period.
    • New to Fleet/Previously Registered in Foreign State - Calculate tax from the date the vehicle entered Minnesota to the end of the registration period.
    •  Record the empty (unloaded) in Section A of the PS2000
  • Customer must complete the box area Section G on the PS2000.
  • Issue RV (self-propelled) or RL (trailer plates) and appropriate weight and year validation stickers.
  • Provide customer with the validated owner's copy of the PS2000. It is a temporary cab card until the application is processed by DVS.
  • All recreational vehicles must be titled, even small recreational trailers, regardless of gross weight.

For information about ownership/application requirements and fees refer to Ownership Procedures, Quick Reference Guide: How to Complete PS2000 and Quick Reference Guide: Motor Vehicle Fees.