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Motor Home

A motor home means a recreational vehicle designed to provide temporary living quarters. The motor home has a living unit built into as an integral part of, or permanently attached to the chassis of, a motor vehicle or van.

A motor home must contain permanently installed*, independent, life-support systems that meet the American National Standards Institute standard number A119.2 for recreational vehicles and provide at least four of the following facilities, two of which must be from the systems listed in clauses (1), (5), and (6):

  1. a cooking facility with liquid propane gas supply,
  2. a refrigerator,
  3. a self-contained toilet or a toilet connected to a plumbing system with a connection for external water disposal,
  4. a heating or air conditioning system separate from the motor vehicle engine,
  5. a potable water supply system including a sink with a faucet either self-contained or with connections for an external source, and
  6. a separate 110-125 volts electrical power supply.

* "Permanently installed" means built into or attached as an integral part of a chassis or van, and designed not to be removed except for repair or replacement. A system that is readily removable or held in place by clamps or tie-downs is not permanently installed.



Types of motor homes:

  • Type A - a raw chassis upon which a driver's compartment is built and an entire body that provides temporary living quarters as defined above.
  • Type B - a van-type vehicle that conforms to the motor home definition and has been completed or altered by the final stage manufacturer;
  • Type C - an incomplete vehicle upon which is permanently attached a body designed to provide temporary living quarters as defined above


First-stage Manufacturer - means a person, firm or corporation which manufacturers, assembles, and sells new motor vehicles for resale in this state.

Final-stage Manufacturer - (Also known as "second-stage" manufacturer) means a person, firm, or corporation which performs manufacturing operations on an incomplete motor vehicle or a van-type motor vehicle so that it becomes a type A, B, or C motor home.

  • VIN - the vehicle identification number used to identify the completed vehicle. Assigned by the final-stage manufacturer.
  • The Make - The make of the final-stage manufacturer is used to describe the completed vehicle except for van conversions. In the case of a van conversion, the make of the first-stage manufacturer is used.
  • The Model Year - Use the model year of the final-stage manufacturer to describe the completed vehicle unless the vehicle is a van conversion. On van conversions, the model year of the first-stage manufacturer is used.​