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Partial Pay

The partial payment program allows vehicle owners to contract with the State to pay their annual registration tax in three installments if the tax exceeds $400.
Procedural Change for 2017-2018 -
To Qualify
  • Vehicle must be a truck, trailer, truck/tractor or recreational vehicle
  • Annual registration tax must exceed $400
  • Initial registration application must be made by May 31
Changes for 2018 Registration Year Only
  • Registration tax will be divided into three equal installments
  • Installment periods are every four months, expiring in June 2017, October 2017 and February 2018
  • Month and year registration stickers must be issued for each installment
  • No late penalties will be assessed
Initial Partial Pay Procedure
  1. Complete sections A and D of PS2000, write “Partial Payment” in upper right-hand corner of application
  2. Record expiration for initial payment (June 2017) in Section A
  3. Record US DOT number, enter actual axles on vehicle (2 - 6 axles), and HVUT if applicable
  4. Attach renewal notice (or ownership documents if this is a transfer) to PS2000
  5. Determine and collect 1st registration tax installment:
  6. Calculate annual registration tax payment using appropriate tax table
  7. Calculate and collect 1/3 of total annual registration tax. Round up first payment if it does not equal a whole number
·  Collect these additional fees
  •  $10 partial pay fee
  • Wheelage tax (if applicable)
  • Filing fee
·  Issue a June month sticker and 2017 year validation sticker to vehicle
·  Inform customer:
  • DVS will mail cab card to them, the customer copy of the PS2000 serves as temporary proof of registration
  • Customer will not receive payment notice for 2nd or 3rd installments
Collecting 2nd and 3rd Payment Installments
Partial pay is not included in the initial rollout of MNLARS this spring but is planned for one of the 2017 enhancements. As a result, DVS is still working on the payment process for the 2nd and 3rd installments. You will receive more information about installments payments in the weeks ahead.
In the meantime:
  • Follow the procedures above for Initial partial pay application
Inform customer that the next payment will be due by June 30, 2017