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Critical Habitat

Reference: Minn. Stat. § 168.1296


General Information

  • Sometimes referred to as DNR or Invest in Minnesota Plates
  • All designs are available with disability insignia 


Plate Designs Available:


  • Deer (C1)
  • Loon (C2)
  • Angler (C3)
  • Chickadee (C4)
  • Ladyslipper (C5)
  • Buck (C6)
  • Pheasant (C7)
  • Kouba Moose (C8)
  • Turkey (C9)
  • Pollinator
Contribution Fee
  • Minimum annual contribution is $30.
  •  Minimum contribution may be due if plates are transferred to a vehicle not already displaying critical habitat plates.
  • The minimum contribution is pre-printed on renewal notices. The applicant may elect to contribute more. Correct the contribution amount on the renewal notice and cross out the scan line. 
  • The contribution fee is non-refundable.

Display/Fees: Refer to Special Plate Brochure

Are plates transferable? Yes, there is a $5 plate transfer fee.