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Special Plates




New Application for Special Plates NOT Stocked at Deputy Registrar Offices

the following procedure DO NOT apply to:

  • Collector Classes
  • Original Plates
  • Disability Plates
  1. Have applicant complete the required sections of the Application for Special Plates (PS2010). Some special plates require additional supporting documents. Refer to the Special Plate Brochure or the detailed instructions on the PS2010

    • Personalized and ARO/CB plates: List the exact combination of characters on the application. Include spaces and hyphens. 
    • WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Gulf War: Indicate choice of plate style (Soldier at Arms or Service Medal) on the top right corner of the PS2010
  2. Fees/Taxes: 60Fees/Taxes: . There is no fee for Ex-POW and Medal of Honor plates.
  3. Issue 60-day Permit if:
    • Registration on the vehicle is expired or soon to expire
      1. Collect the registration Tax and if applicable contribution fee
      2. Do NOT issue registration stickers.
    • Vehicle is new to fleet (MCO, out-of-state title/registration)


License Plates STOCKED at Deputy Registrar Office


All deputy registrars should have these special plates stocked in their office:

  • All Critical Habitat (passenger only)
  • Remembering Victims of Impaired Driver (passenger only)
  • Law Enforcement Memorial (passenger only)
  • Support Our Troops (passenger and motorcycle)

An application for special plates is not required.

  1. Write the contribution amount on the registration document if applicable.

  2. Indicate the type of plate issued, using the appropriate special plate code.

General Information

Disposal of Previous Plate: The applicant is responsible for disposing of any previous plates on the vehicle once they receive the special plates. They may choose to return the plates to a deputy registrar for recycling.
Leased Vehicle: A lessee may apply for special license plates without receiving authorization from the leasing company.
Corporate/Company Ownership: A representative for the company/corporation must submit a signed statement on business letterhead declaring that the applicant applying for special plates is the sole or primary driver of the vehicle.
Fees: Refer to the Special Plate Brochure. Contribution fees are not refundable. 
Are plates transferable? Yes, there is a $5 transfer  fee. If the license plates require a minimum contribution fee, it may be due if the plates are transferred to a vehicle not already displaying the same type of special plate. 

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