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Reference: Minn. Stat.168.12, Subd. 2a

General Information

  • Characters: 7 characters for passenger class vehicle, 6 characters for self-propelled RV class, motorcycle class, motorized bicycles, and one-ton pickups.
  • Any plate combination that could offend public morals or decency, or be used for the purpose of commercial advertising, will not be issued.
  • The department determines if the combination of characters is available. If an applicant's choice(s) cannot be issued, the application is cancelled and the plate fee is refunded.
  • Gifts: Note "Gift" on the application and state the mailing address for the plates (deputy registrar office or alternate address). If an alternate address is not provided, the plates will be mailed to the vehicle owner.
  • Also see Personalized Collector Plates 

Display/Fees: Refer to Special Plates Brochure
Can you transfer plates? Yes, there is a $5 fee.

Refund Request
Before the plate manufacture, the applicant is eligible for a full refund. After plate manufacture, the applicant must surrender the unused plates and complete a Claim for Motor Vehicle Refund (PS2511). The refund does not include the cost of plate manufacture.

Sale of Vehicle Displaying Personalized Plates:

  • Owner may elect to keep the personalized plates and transfer them to another vehicle.
  • The plates may remain on the vehicle. The purchaser must complete and sign an Application for Special Plates (PS2010) and submit a signed statement from the seller to indicate the plates are to remain on the vehicle. No fee is due.
  • If the purchaser does not want the personalized plate on the vehicle, replacement plates are issued with the appropriate fee. (Note: registration must be current)

Rights to Personalized Plate

If an owner does not maintain current registration, they may lose rights to a personalized plate combination one year after the last expiration. After that time, the personalized plate combination may be reassigned to a new application. If the vehicle displaying the personalized plates is sold, the owner must transfer the plate to another vehicle to retain rights to that plate combination. Minnesota Rule 7403.0950

Transfer of Rights to Plates - transfers of the personalized plate are allowed between parent and child, husband and wife, or company to sole owner of the company:

  • Collect a $5 plate transfer fee
  • Have the new owner of the plate complete a PS2010. A notation must be made on the application explaining the relationship (e.g., parent to child).

Relinquish Rights to Plates - an owner may assign the rights to their plate combination to another person or company:

  • Have the new owner of the plate complete a PS2010.
  • The $100 personalized plate fee is due, unless the personalized plate is made part of a vehicle sale.
  • The old owner of the plate must submit a letter relinquishing their rights to the plate combination.


Other Restrictions


Characters Allowed:
  • UPPER CASE letters: A through Z
  • Numbers: 0 through 9
  • Hyphens and spaces may be used for grouping - no more than one space or hyphen is permitted between adjoining characters. However, more than one space or hyphen is allowed in the plate combination.
  • If the total of characters/spaces/hyphens is less than seven, the department will center the characters and spaces on the plate
Characters/Sequences Not Allowed


  • Combinations of 2 or 3 letter characters with 2, 3, or 4 number characters
    (ABC123 or 213ABC; AA12 or 12AA; AA123 or 123AA; AA1234 or 1234AA)
  • Combinations with all number characters - there must be at least 1 alpha (letter) character.
  • Combinations that duplicate any plate or plate services used by the department (Y or T class truck series, CT class trailer series, etc.)
  • Combinations of the same or similar letter or number characters, even if separated by spaces or hyphens. The characters I & 1, navel zero and 0, or O are deemed to be same and may not be duplicated to create new combinations. For example, the following are considered the same choice and cannot be used: "AB", "A B," or "A-B" and "TIM" or "T1M"