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Admin Review of Impound Order

 At any time during the effective period of an impoundment order, a person may request a review of the impoundment order in writing or by fax (reviews cannot be done on a walk-in basis).

1.     Complete form PS31125 - Request for Administrative Review of License Plate Impoundment Order - Do not issue license plates at this time.

2.     If the vehicle was reported "used without the owner's permission" or stolen, a copy of the police report indicating the vehicle was stolen or misused must accompany the request for administrative review.

3.     The review must be requested by either faxing the completed form to the Impoundment Unit at (651) 282-5512, or by mail to Driver & Vehicle Services Division, 445 Minnesota St, Suite 166, St. Paul, Minnesota 55101-5166. Advise the applicant to retain a copy of the review request until they receive a response, which may take up to 15 days to complete. The applicant will be notified by mail whether their impoundment has been sustained or rescinded.

Judicial Review – Violator/Owner's have the right to petition the court for a judicial review of the license plate impoundment order in the county in which the incident occurred. The petition must be made to the court within 60-days of the Notice of License Plate Impoundment.

Rescinded Order

If upon review, the ordered is rescinded, the applicant may obtain a regular set of license plates.

1.     Complete an Application for Duplicate Plates. Issue duplicate plates at no fee.

2.     Attach a copy of the rescind letter. If the customer does not have a copy of the letter check the motor vehicle record.  

Note: If the impoundment was sustained and the applicant wishes to obtain plates or transfer title, the procedures outlined on pages 1 or 2 must be followed.