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Administrative Impound

Reference: Minn. Stat. § 169A.60

The Administrative Plate Impound order affects:

  • The vehicle driven at the time of the incident, whether or not owned by the violator (driver)

  • All vehicles solely or jointly owned or leased by the violator

Indications that a vehicle's license plates are under an impound order are:

  • Customer has a "Notice and Order of License Plate Impoundment"

  • Vehicle record shows “Impound Order”.

  • The customer has a 7 or 45-day temporary permit issued by law enforcement or tells you that the license plates were removed from the vehicle by law enforcement due to an alcohol or drug related incident.

If you are in doubt, contact the License Plate Impoundment Unit at (651) 296-2038 – select option 5 or (651) 297-5034.