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Issuing Special Reg Plates

If a valid driver has a need to operate a motor vehicle that is under impoundment or the vehicle is to be operated by a person subject to plate impoundment with ignition interlock, the owner may apply for special registration plates.

1.     Have owner and qualified driver (if different) complete the Application for Special Registration Plates (PS2041).

  •  The person signing as qualified driver must have a valid or limited driver's license. The 7-day permit given to the violator is NOT sufficient to allow the violator to obtain the plates as the qualified license driver
  • Anyone with a valid or limited license may operate the vehicle with Special Registration Plates.

2.     Collect $50 special registration plate fee (do not collect a separate plate fee). If the registration is not current, collect the registration tax and list in the "fees due" section of the application. Collect filing fee.  Applicant may request a set of special series license plates for each vehicle they own – however, the $50 plate fee is due for each application. 

3.     Issue plates and stamp the application PAID..