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Transfer of Vehicle

The following criteria must be met before the vehicle can be transferred:
  • The sale must be for valid consideration and the purchaser must list the full purchase price, regardless of vehicle age on the title application.

  • The purchaser and owner/violator cannot be family members (parents, spouse, children, siblings, grandparents, in-laws, uncles/ aunts, cousins).

  • The purchaser cannot reside in the same household as the owner or violator: This includes people with a "significant relationship which is defined in statute, as any person with whom the violator or owner regularly associates and communicates with outside of a workplace setting.

1.     Complete the form PS31125 - Request to Approve Sale of Vehicle Subject to License Plate Impoundment Order. Include violator's information. If the applicant doesn't know who the violator is, the information is on the motor vehicle suspense screen. Note: Form PS31125 is not required for repossessions and transfers through licensed automobile dealers.

2.     Buyer must list purchase price on title application and verify that the amount is "valid consideration", regardless of the age of the vehicle. A tax-exempt transfer such as a gift is not acceptable.
Note: If the applicant keeps revising the purchase price or crosses it out on the application you must request verification of the sale (i.e. copy of a cancelled check or money order).

3.     Verify, by checking the driver license screen that the purchaser does not live at the same address as the violator. If a recent move has been made, the party that moved must change their driver's license and submit a copy of the application with the transfer or provide proof of the new address with a utility bill.

4.     Issue new license plates and charge the appropriate duplicate plate fee. Apply the strips to the top front of the certificate of title.

5.     Advise the applicant to retain a copy of the transfer in the vehicle until they receive their title and/or registration card. If the transfer is not accepted, the customer will receive written notification.