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Collector Class

Reference:  Minn. Stat. § 168.10(1)(c)

General Information

The collector classes are:

  • Collector
  • Classic
  • Classic Motorcycle
  • Pioneer
  • Street Rod.

Restricted Use: The owner of a vehicle registered in one of the collector classes may not use the vehicle for general transportation purposes. The applicant must check and initial the appropriate box in Section G-Unique Classes on the PS2000. 

Single Plate Display: Collector class vehicles have the option of only displaying one plate.

Original Plates: Original plates may be displayed on a vehicle registered in a collector class.

Personalized Collector Plates: Collector plates may be personalized.

Sales Tax: A $150 fee in lieu of sales tax is due on transfers of ownership for vehicles already registered in or applying for collector class plates at time of transfer.

  • If an applicant has owned the vehicle for less than 1 year:  the additional tax is due if the applicant paid a $10 flat tax at the time of transfer.

  • Above Market Vehicles registered in a collector class: upon transfer of ownership, the vehicle must remain in a collector class for one year from the date of registration, or the vehicle may be subject to 6.5 percent sales tax.


Dealers - A dealer may apply for collector plates for a vehicle they own if:

  • the vehicle is titled in the dealership's name
  • the dealership has another vehicle titled and registered in their name with regular plates
  • the dealership paid sales tax on both vehicles

Refunds : There is no provision for a refund of registration tax when changing from a regular registration class to the Pioneer, Collector, Personalized-Collector, or Classic Registration classes.



Collector Classes Procedures

See additional information below for Street Rod, Original, and Personalized-Collector plates.
Initial Application
  1. The applicant must complete an application for title and registration (PS2000).
    • Check appropriate box in Section G - Unique Classes, regarding restricted use. Applicant must list the license plate number of the vehicle they currently own or lease with regular license plates. (Not required for Pioneer and Classic classes)
    • If only one plate is request, indicated "single-plate" in red in the upper right corner.
    • Indicate the specific class (e.g., collector, pioneer, original etc.) in the upper right corner. Please refer to specific class for information additional information.
  2. Collect the plate fee
  3. A 60-day permit may be issued

Duplicate Plates

  1. Applicant must complete an Application for Duplicate Plates (PS2067)
  2. Indicate specific class (collector, pioneer, etc.) in red in the upper right corner
  3. If only one plate is requested, indicate "single plate" in red, in the upper right corner.
  4. Collect the duplicate plate fee
  5. You may issue a 60-day permit

Transfer of Collector Plates

  1. Deputy must view the plates for legibility and condition.
  2. Applicant must complete a PS2000 form. (Do not use PS2010) - In Section G-Unique Classes,  the applicant must check the appropriate box to acknowledge restrictions on plate use. For Collector, Classic motorcycle, and Street Rod classes, the applicant must also list a Minnesota plate number of a regular plated vehicle that they own or lease.
  3. List the collector plate being transferred in the plate section of the PS2000 and indicate "Plate Transfer" and the specific class (collector, pioneer, etc.) in red, in the upper right corner.
  4. List the current plate number if any, in the previous plate area.
  5. Fees:
    • Collect a $5 special plate transfer fee
    • If the vehicle the plate is being transferred to is not already in a collector class - collect the collector class plate fee.
    • If a transfer of ownership is involved, all appropriate title and transfer fees and ownership documents must be submitted.

Street Rod Plates

  • Include Declaration of Reconstruction (PS2015), completed by the owner. If a prior owner modified the vehicle, have the applicant complete the form to the best of their ability.
  • Include receipts for any major parts used in the reconstruction.
  • Include the certificate of title, even if ownership is not being transferred
  • Collect a $2 corrected title fee. A  new title will be issued reflecting the reconstructed status of vehicle.
  • Inform customer that the vehicle may be subject to an inspection.

Original Plates

  • List the original plate number at the top of the PS2000.
  • The plates must be legible and in good condition
  • If the vehicle is already in the collector class, only the filing fee is due.
  • A $10 plate fee is due with applications for original plates (Minn. Stat. § 168.10(1)(g) )
  • Inform customer that the original plates cannot be displayed until they receive their registration card in the mail.

Personalized Collector

  • Applicant must complete the required section of the Application for Special plates (PS2010). Detailed instructions are included on the form.
  • Fees:
    • If the vehicle has regular plates or is a first registration in Minnesota, collect the $100 personalized plate fee and the $25 collector class registration fee.
    • If the vehicle is already registered in the collector class, only collect the $100 personalized plate fee.
    • If the vehicle already has personalized plates and there are no changes, collect the $14 duplicate personalized plate fee and the $25 collector class registration fee.