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Original Plate

Original plates were issued in the year that matches the model year of the vehicle, or that has a registration sticker that matches the model year.
For Example:
A 1965 license plate can be displayed on a 1965 model year vehicle
A 1965 plate with a1966 registration sticker can be displayed on a 1966 model year vehicle.


  • Plates can be displayed on a vehicle registered in the passenger class that is 20 years or older or that qualifies for one of the collector classes. 
  • The license plates cannot duplicate a series currently in use, or reserved for use by the department (see below for character/sequence restrictions).
  • The applicant must present the original plates to the deputy registrar who verifies that the plate number and plate year qualify, and that the plates are legible and in good condition. (cracked or peeling plates do not qualify). 
Application: Made on a PS2000 or MNLARS Application
Display/Plate Fees: Refer to Special Plates Brochure 
  • If the vehicle is a collector vehicle, charge the appropriate collector fee.
  • If the vehicle is the passenger class:
    1. Applicant must complete a PS2000. List the original plate number at the top and note "Original Plate-Passenger Class" in the top right corner. Note the month and year of expiration.
    2. Collect registration tax, unless the vehicle is currently registered in Minnesota.
Are Plates Transferable? Yes, there is a $5 plate transfer fee.
Character/Sequence Restrictions
  • Combinations of 2 or 3 letter characters with 2, 3, or 4 number characters
    ABC123 or 123ABC; AA12 or 12AA; AA1234 or 1234AA
  • Plate must include 1 letter character
  • Cannot duplicate any plate or plate series used by the department.
    Examples: "Y" or "T" class truck series, CT class trailer series, CH or C# class Critical Habitat series 1AA001 through 6ZZ999.