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General Information

  • Veteran are permanent and do not require replacement, except for Ready Reserve and Proud to be a Veteran plates. 
  • All veteran plates can display the disability insignia if the applicant qualifies for disability plates. 
  • For WWII, Korea, Vietnam, and Gulf War plates, applicant may choose from two styles. 
    The "Soldier At Arms"-style plate is issued unless "Service Medal" is indicated.
    - Soldier At Arms (silhouette of soldier with an airplane and ship in background)
    - Service Medal (plate with associated service medal insignia) 
  • Motorcycle Plates are available for Vietnam, Gulf War, Iraq, Afghanistan, Global War on Terror plates, Korean Defense Service, Combat Wounded, Ex-POW, Woman Veteran, and Proud to be a Veteran. 
  • Upon the death of the veteran, regular plates must be obtained. The surviving spouse may keep the plates as a souvenir item; otherwise, s/he is responsible for their destruction. Exception: Ex-POW - see information below.

Applicant Qualifications

  • Must have served in active military service in a branch of the armed forces of the United States or Laos.
  • Discharge must have occurred under honorable conditions.
  • Each application must present a certified copy of the applicant's separation papers (DD214 or equivalent), indicating honorable discharge or certification by the Commissioner of Veteran's Affairs. The deputy must write on the application that they have viewed the document or attach a copy of the document if the service person has no objections.
  • In order to prove eligibility, veteran applicants are required to present a copy of their separation papers (DD214 or equivalent) at the time of the application .
  • For plates that require a specific medal, the documents must show that the Veteran was awarded the corresponding medal. Equivalent medals are not acceptable unless certified by MN Department of Veteran Affairs. (MNDVA)

Some applicants who are still in active service will require a letter from their commanding officer verifying that they are still in active service and will qualify for the appropriate plate. Attach a copy of the document if the service person has no objections.

Are Plates Transferable? Yes, there is a $5 plate transfer fee.
Display/Plate Fees: Refer to Special Plates Brochure

Note: No fees are due for Congressional Medal of Honor and Ex-POW plates.