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Motor Vehicle Identification Requirements

On October 1, 1972, Minnesota became a "title" state.

Reference: Minnesota Statutes, section 168A.02 & 168A.05

  • All vehicles required to be registered are subject to titling. The exception is utility trailers with a gross vehicle weight of 4,000 pounds or less that do not have a lien.

  • The title is mailed to the vehicle owner.

  • Manufactured homes and park trailers are required to be titled.

  • Security agreements (liens) are indicated on the title - the name of the first secured party is printed on the title.

  • Once a vehicle has been issued a certificate of title, the owner must use the title to transfer ownership.

  • Minnesota titles are printed on green security paper to deter fraud.

  • Minnesota titles have a vehicle registration card and an Owner's Record of Sale attached to the bottom. The seller is required to report the sale of the vehicle by mailing the Record of Sale to DVS or filing online on the DVS Web site.