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Administrative Forfeiture

Reference: Minnesota Statutes, section 169A.63

What you need to know:

  • The government agency seizing the vehicle must title the vehicle in their name. This is accomplished on a PS2000.

    • In red, write the letter "F" in the upper right corner of the PS2000. This helps to ensure that the application is pulled and processed as soon as it is received at DVS.

  • All title/transfer fees are due including sales tax if the agency is keeping the vehicle. If they intend to sell the vehicle, sales tax is not due, but the agency must declare "held for resale" in the sales tax declaration area on the PS2000.

Title Application Requirements:

  • Notice of Seizure and Intent to Forfeit. A copy of the notice is acceptable. It must identify the vehicle, include the date of seizure, and inform the person being given notice of his or her right to a judicial review. At the bottom of the Notice of Seizure and Intent to Forfeit is a certificate of service, that must be completed by the officer servicing the notice.

  • Administrative Forfeiture Certificate. The certificate is a statement indicating that the defendant did not contest the seizure and forfeiture. It must be signed by the county attorney of the county in which the seizure took place. (Copies are NOT acceptable.) If the party contested the forfeiture and it is dismissed, a copy of the dismissal is required.

  • Forfeiture Contested. If the defendant contested the forfeiture - the only requirement is a certified copy of the district court order authorizing the forfeiture.