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Sheriff's Sale/Mechanic's Lien

Reference: Minnesota Statutes, section 514.18 - 514.22

What you need to know:

  • A public sale is used to collect money for repairs or storage when the vehicle owner cannot be found or does not pay for the services.

  • Minnesota statutes only apply to vehicles that were left voluntarily by the owner for repairs or storage, or to vehicles that have been towed at the request of a law enforcement officer.

  • The vehicle must be in possession of the towing company or mechanic.

  • Note: We do not accept sales from other states.

Title Application Requirements:

  • Notice of Sale. A notice of sale is a copy of the letter served on the debtor. It must include date, place, and time of the sale, the amount owed, the reason for the sale, and give a complete vehicle description (year, make, model, VIN).

    • If the vehicle owner lives in the county where the vehicle is stored, the notice must be personally served. If the owner is not in the county, or cannot be located the notice of sale may be mailed to the last known address.

  • Affidavit of Service or Affidavit of Mailing. An affidavit of service is a statement from the person who personally served the notice of sale to the debtor. An affidavit of mailing is a signed certified letter receipt or a returned envelope from the post office that contained the notice of sale.

    • If the address for the vehicle owner cannot be found the mechanic or towing company filing the public sale must provide a signed statement that they could not obtain the owner's address.

  • Proof a registered letter was sent to all lien holders on record. Any lien holders recorded on the vehicle record must be notified 45 days prior to the sale. The notice must contain the name, address, and telephone number of the party filing for the public sale, and the rate at which the storage charges (if any) are accruing.

  • Affidavit of Publication or Affidavit of Posting

    • Affidavit of Publication is a statement obtained from a newspaper that confirms that the notice of sale was published once a week for three successive weeks.

    • Affidavit of Posting is a statement that the notice of sale was posted for at least three successive weeks, in three of the most public places in the county. Posting is only acceptable if there is not a newspaper published within the county where the vehicle is being held.

  • Acknowledged Report of Sale. It must include complete vehicle description (year, make, model, VIN), buyer's name, and the signature of the party who conducted the sale.

  • Application for Title. The buyer must complete and sign a PS2000 and certify the mileage in section C.

  • Fees. All applicable title and transfer fees and taxes are due.