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Writ of Execution and Judgement

What you need to know:

  • The judgment must be against the vehicle owner on record.
  • The auction sale is always conducted by a sheriff.
  • The person who obtained the judgment may purchase the vehicle, but sales tax is due.
  • Any liens on the vehicle record must be released.

The following items must be submitted:

  • Certified Copy of the Writ of Execution. A writ authorizes a sheriff to levy on the property of the defendant to satisfy a judgment.
  • Notice of Sale. This is a copy of the notice served on the record owner informing him or her that the vehicle is to be sold. It must include the date, place, and time of the sale. It must fully identify the vehicle (year, make, model, vehicle identification number).
  • Affidavit of Service. This is proof that the debtor was served the notice of sale. If the debtor cannot be located, an Affidavit of Not Found (a statement from the sheriff that s/he was unable to locate the debtor in order to serve the notice of sale) is required.
  • Sheriff's Report of Sale. The report of sale must be signed by a sheriff and contain a complete vehicle description (year, make, model, vehicle identification number), date of sale, and the buyer's full name.
  •  Sheriff's Return. A document certified by the court after the sheriff has completed the sale.
  • Application for Title and Registration. The buyer must complete a PS2000 and certify the mileage, if applicable, in section C.
  • Registration. If there are no license plates on the vehicle, but the vehicle record shows current registration, deputy registrars should issue duplicate plates and stickers with the same expiration date.
    • If the registration is expired or if no record of registration is found, deputies should treat the vehicle as new to the fleet and charge registration from the date of sale. Deputies should issue new plates and stickers to the vehicle.
  • A lien release is required if the vehicle record indicates that there is a lien holder.
  • Fees: Title transfer fees and sales tax are due. (See Fee Chart)