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Real ID Driver's License and ID Training Module

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Enhanced Driver's License Training Module

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Training and New Employees
New employees who need to learn to use FastDS can start by watching computer-based training (CBT) video modules to learn the basic system structure, terminology, and navigation. After completing these videos, they can use the detailed Help manager content inside of FastDS to supplement on-the-job training to learn to use the system.
Office Administrators (DL Agents) or office managers (Exam stations) should submit a Security Request case inside of FastDS to request access for the new employee. Once they’re setup, the FastDS Training Team will assign the CBTs for the user to begin viewing and provide instructions.
Please email if you have any questions.​​
DL Agent New Hire Process
  •  Administrator sends a security request through FAST for new hires for Disability Certification access in FAST
    • Administrator requirements for New Hire must be fulfilled!
    • Disability Certification access includes FAST Training modules
  • Complete fingerprint packet* for each new hire
  • Send payment of $33.25 for each new hire (make check payable to the BCA; can do a single combined check)
  • Returned fingerprint packet must include:
  • Completed Fingerprint Card
    • Check or money order made payable to the BCA [$33.25 per New Hire; DL Agent can submit a single combined check ($33.25 x # of New Hires)]
    • Criminal Records Check Authorization form
    • Data Practices Access Attestation
    • Proof of Citizenship/Legal presence Attestation form
    • Fingerprint Instruction/Employee Email form
Mail Completed Fingerprint Packet To:
Driver and Vehicle Services
445 MInnesota Street, Suite 183
Attn: DSCO
St Paul MN 55033
Complete FAST Training (FAST Training Modules)
  • Complete EDL-EID, and Real ID training (available through InfoHub) while waiting for background checks to process
  • DSCO will notify DL Agent when New Hire’s fingerprint packet is submitted to BCA
  • AFTER DSCO is notified that the background check has passed, DSCO will notify Regional Supervisor/Training Coordinator to schedule New Hire’s AAMVA Fraud Training
  • Regional Supervisor/Training Coordinator will contact the DL Agent office to schedule New Hire’s AAMVA Fraud Training for the new staff
  • Regional Supervisor/Training Coordinator will notify DSCO that AAMVA Fraud Training  is completed
  • DSCO will notify FAST to update New Hire’s FAST permissions for DL  access
  • DSCO will notify DL Agent when New Hire’s FAST permissions are updated
Send any questions, comments, or concerns to:
*DSCO can mail fingerprint packets to you if you do not have any.  Please save copies of the forms.  DSCO can provide the fingerprint cards, and/or you can get them from local law enforcement agencies​.